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How to cause "rolling black bars" like monitor not in sync w/ camera.
by Paul Terry 8 years ago
Have an odd issue. Might not be right forum, but don't know where it might be better, and I've always thought the opinions in this forum were sound and experienced ... so here goes: Have a nightclub c
Re: How to cause "rolling black bars" like monitor not in sync w/ camera.
by Joe Barta IV 8 years ago
Surround the monitors with strips of infrared LEDs. To the naked eye it will just look like trim, to the cameras the LEDs will be glaringly bright and, depending on the strength of the IR LEDs, obscur
iMac i7
by Marc Ward 10 years ago
I would to see if anyone has the new i7 and running FCP 1. fast enough for you 2. how much RAM do you have 3. what video card are you using 4. how are you connecting your external harddrives I have an
Re: iMac i7
by Paul Terry 9 years ago
Well, I dunno if you still are looking for answers ... But, I am one who picked up a new iMac specifically for production use even after reading all the doom re: io on the iMac. Whether you'd be happy
upconvert SD to HD
by Rick Wise 11 years ago
Is there a good, effective, and reasonably priced add-on for Vegas that will allow one to upconvert old SD footage to HD Or, one as a stand-alone Rick Wise director of photography Oakland, CA www.Rick
Re: upconvert SD to HD
by Paul Terry 11 years ago
Norman Willis "I had it on my wish-list to purchase Instant HD Advanced before Magic Bullet, so you just saved me from an unnecessary purchase!" Well, I don't want to steer you wrong. Instant HD is I
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