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Nice text reveal
by Paul Hobbs 7 years ago
Hello all, I'm trying to figure out how to replicate something similar to this - http: watch v=E5aDJpmKjYs The movement isn't a problem, but is there a plugin or preset that will get m
Re: Nice text reveal
by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu 7 years ago
I think a write on effect is used to reveal the text. This thread: http: thread 2 993037 And this tutorial: http: tutorials motion-graphics create-an-elegantly-h
Sketch And Toon maybe?
by Paul Hobbs 7 years ago
Hello all, I've just stumbled across this amazing little animation - http: 50069501 I did a little research on the artist and a lot of his stuff is traditional hand drawn stop motion. I was
Another screen flicker issue :(
by Paul Hobbs 7 years ago
Hello all, Right, so I was sent out the other week to film a little video for work at this simulator place (it was pretty awesome) BUT they were using a combination of LED monitors and LCD large scree
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