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can't get an audio layer set
by Jeff Mack 10 years ago
I am using my IOHD and wirecast. I have a two camera setup. IOHD on one FW bus and an external ISight on the second fw bus. I want to basically disable the audio on the ISight. I want to use the audio
Re: can't get an audio layer set
by Paul Collins 10 years ago
Jeff, What I do is turn off audio in all camera sources in the Normal layer, and use the Audio layer to select audio from the camera of my choice (or any other source). Don't know why your trick doesn
Skype window insert
by anthony Faulkner 10 years ago
Hi there, I saw on a previous post Craig had said it is possible to insert a skype window into a wirecast broadcast. Would it be possible if you could elaborate on the steps involved in that process T
Re: Skype window insert
by Paul Collins 10 years ago
Randall Bennett of TechVI runs Skype on separate computer(s) and picks it up on his Wirecast machine via Desktop Presenter: How TechVi Gets Produced Web cablecasting: http: Software De
Best Multi camera setup over long distance
by Kevin Gillen 10 years ago
I have wirecast setup with livestream and want to add 3 cameras over a long distance with Cat5. I know I could use Firewire Cat5 Repeater which will allow me to run Cat5 cabling from the cameras and t
Re: Best Multi camera setup over long distance
by Paul Collins 10 years ago
From a brief look at the MoTU pages, it looks like it only delivers one source at a time, which is not what you want for WireCast. Well, you might be able to do cuts between cameras (does it provide a
weird playback speed
by Paul Rogati 11 years ago
I have a new configuration - using a G5 Power Mac (2x2GHz, 4GB RAM, running OS 10.5.8), a AJA Kona LH input card ingesting component video and analog audio. While recording, everything seems fine - vi
Re: weird playback speed
by Paul Collins 11 years ago
I try to keep hinting off, as my recordings are not directly published without some sort of conversion. The problem recordings I got with "chipmonk" fast sound speed were probably not hinted, and cert
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