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Back Focus Sequence Problem: A Tip
by Patrick McLoad 9 years ago
I just thought I would add a tip about an issue I was having with the BF setting on my PMW-350. After aerial shooting in Virginia, and my camera being shipped in a hard case on the jet, I decided to B
PMW-320/350 ViewFinder Adjustment Bracket
by Patrick McLoad 9 years ago
I don't mean this to be an advertisement, but rather a solution for owners of the 320 and 350 who are experiencing clearance problems between the large color VF and the kit (fuji) lens. I own and use
Bracket For PMW 350 Viewfinder
by Patrick McLoad 10 years ago
I own a Sony PMW-350K and for all practical purposes, I am very pleased with the camera. However, while using a demo unit, I found that the space between the viewfinder and the lens severely restricte
Re: Bracket For PMW 350 Viewfinder
by Patrick McLoad 9 years ago
Just wanted to post an update on the PMW-320 350 View Finder Bracket Kit that raises the VF for better access to the lens rings and zoom rocker. The new blog website with most current information is a
EX-3 to PMW 350
by William McCauley 11 years ago
Has anyone moved up to the PMW 350 from the EX-3 Sent my EX-3 to sony because of a soft focus problem with the lens and now I'm getting status back that the unit was damage by UPS. It was insured and
Re: EX-3 to PMW 350
by Patrick McLoad 9 years ago
Pat: I know this is an old thread, but I developed a professional bracket that raises the VF on the PMW-320 and 350. No problem with accessing zoom controls after installation. If interested, contact
zoom accessory for EX1R
by Bob Cole 9 years ago
Has anyone had experience with some of the third-party zoom accessories for the EX1R (I've seen the names VariZoom and Libec. VariZoom seems to make both inexpensive and expensive controllers.) Opinio
Re: zoom accessory for EX1R
by Patrick McLoad 9 years ago
Thanks for the post Ronnie, I have been looking for a zoom control for my 350. The used Fuji controllers are twice the price of the Varizoom new. (Focus crontrol is not yet as much of an issue, but th
PMW-350K Viewfinder Adjustment Bracket
by Patrick McLoad 9 years ago
I had a request for information on the bracket I developed for the Sony 320 350 viewfinder problem. The site for this bracket had been taken down for awhile, but I have now re-initiated the blog, offe
DeckLink Extreme Questions/Problems
by Patrick McLoad 15 years ago
I use DeckLink Extreme to capture BetaSP YUV into FCP5 on a G5 2.7 dualie. I have latest Tiger upgrade, latest DeckLink driver, and latest FCP version. (I do not have QTPro installed yet.) I can hear
Re: DeckLink Extreme Questions/Problems...FIXED!
by Patrick McLoad 15 years ago
Many Thanks Luke! I will print this out and go through it when I get some time, as well as well as the PDF. I figured there was something I missed in the technical papers. Best Regards, Patrick
decklink audio monitoring
by Ross Hammond 15 years ago
I can't hear anything when I capture and log in final cut 5, I only hear it once it is digitised. Also I can't hear quicktimes or itunes when I play from the desktop , I can however hear them if I pla
Re: decklink audio monitoring
by Patrick McLoad 15 years ago
Read the fix I learned in my posts below "PLEASE HELP AUDIO MONITORING TROUBLE". I got mine working thanks to a suggestion by a knowledgable reader. But I was always able to hear anything out of the c
Cannot Monitor Audio While In Log & Capture
by Patrick McLoad 15 years ago
Sorry if this is a simple setting that I've overlooked, but I can't hear the analog audio from my broadcast beta deck while in L&C. I should be able to hear it for scene selection, I O points. My Deck
Reliable Hard Drive for FCP
by Carl Crawford 15 years ago
Does anyone have suggestions on good FW800 Drives for FCP We have had mixed results with LaCie drives and would like to know what others are using. Also, would you recommend 250Gb or 500Gb Has anyone
Re: Reliable Hard Drive for FCP
by Patrick McLoad 15 years ago
My vote is for Huge Systems raids. I have a dual 1.2TB, and it's great. Superb technical support, not that I've ever needed it for anything critical. P Mac
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