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Canon c300 EOS PL mount Kit with accessories for sale
by Patrick McCarty 6 years ago
Lightly used Canon c300 PL Camera Kit with Arri Baseplate and Shape Handheld Rig. All contained in a Pelican 1610 case with padded dividers. Kit Includes: 1 Canon EOS C300 PL Body 1 Canon EOS C300 PL
Re: Canon c300 EOS PL mount Kit with accessories for sale
by No Coast 6 years ago
Joesph Contact me at tvnewsphojo (at) yahoo . Com. I have pl that I might trade for ef.
P2 driver issue
by Patrick McCarty 8 years ago
I recently updated to Lion OS and found that when using the HPG-20 card reader, my cards were mounting as drives (not the P2 card icon as usual). I made sure I had the latest P2 drivers, still mounted
Re: P2 driver issue
by Steve Eisen 8 years ago
P2 cards mount fine with my PCD35 and camera in Lion 10.7.3. I'm using ShotPut Pro v4.1.4 I do have a problem with P2 Formatter. It will crash if I insert a P2 card. It only works in Snow Leopard for
Canon 60D Recording has automatically stopped
by Patrick McCarty 9 years ago
I recently shot with my canon 60D DSLR in 1080 29.97P and a couple seconds into shooting, it stopped and prompted me "recording has automatically stopped". I'm wondering if it had something to do with
Re: Canon 60D Recording has automatically stopped
by Daniel Hughes 9 years ago
With these cameras you need a card of at least class 6. Even with the best cards you will get this now and then, however. It's an information overload, I think because of an automatic bit-rate setting
Corrupted P2 Card
by Jessica Njoo 10 years ago
Hi, I just went to capture a 32gb and an 8gb P2 card onto a Mac and when I dragged the files and them pulled them up in the log and transfer window in Final Cut they were all corrupted. Now when I put
Re: Corrupted P2 Card
by Patrick McCarty 10 years ago
One important practice is to avoid drag and drop for files. It was recommended to actually clone the card through the disk utility. I don t know if this is your problem but I know that when you drag a
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