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Patrick Haley

Marketing Coordinator at BCS ProSoft, Amateur Vegetarian Chef, Travel Enthusiast, and Thrill Seeker
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January 20th 2013
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San Antonio, Texas Area
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Tacos, fishing, hiking, bicycles, disc golf, camping, cooking, literature, sailing, skiing, zombies, linguistics, craft beers, and red wine.
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Web Development, Email Marketing, Data Analysis, Written and Oral Communication, Project Design and Management, Adaptive Management, and Restoration Ecology
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Marketing Coordinator at BCS ProSoft with an extensive and completely unrelated background in landscape/restoration ecology. Worked with the USDA in Eastern Oregon and completed an undergraduate thesis titled "The Ecohydrological Implications of a Restored Rangeland in Central Texas" with the Wilcox Lab of Ecohydrology at Texas A&M University. Current goals are to streamline the marketing efforts of BCS ProSoft and find a sense of purpose in the world.
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