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Aspect Ratio Nightmare
by Patrick Barton 7 years ago
This is kind of a re-post from yesterday but I wasn't able to find a solution so I'll try again with more specific information. I'm working with a frame size of HD 1440x1080 and trying to export with
Re: Aspect Ratio Nightmare
by andy prada 7 years ago
"nesting my sequence into a 4:3 sequence, which didn't work (the video became much too large for the frame, resulting in more complications)" Simply use resize to reduce the image in the motion tab of
Incorrect Aspect Ratio
by Patrick Barton 7 years ago
I'm editing some videos for a client and having an issue with exporting to the correct aspect ratio. Some of the videos needed to be exported at 810x400 (mp4) and they turned out fine. One section of
Re: Incorrect Aspect Ratio
by Patrick Barton 7 years ago
Now when I say not to conform the sequence to mach the clip settings it says: Operation not allowed. You cannot nest sequences with different editing timebases. Sorry I can't figure this out. Your hel
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