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Armonica Film is a Video Production Company in Italy. We also have offices in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Dubai. We can reach you all over Europe and UAE.
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July 17th 2014
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Zoom H4n Headphone jack & Speaker
by David Nguyen 5 years ago
Hi! I just got my Zoom H4n and I tried putting in my headphone jack to monitor audio but I don't hear anything as well as audio playback on my zoom h4n the speakers on the back of the zoom h4n is abse
Re: Zoom H4n Headphone jack & Speaker
by Paolo Mantero 5 years ago
As a long time user of the zoom H4n I've never had such issue in the past. Did you try to restore factory settings What firmware is installed into your device Paolo Mantero Director at Armonica Film I
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