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PPro is the worst Adobe product ever
by Brett Cole 8 years ago
Well, after a considerable and prolonged attempt to like PPro, I have concluded that it's just awful, the clunkiest, most unusable product Adobe has ever made. I love Adobe products - I've used PS sin
Re: PPro is the worst Adobe product ever
by Todd Kopriva 8 years ago
If you'd like to give any specific feedback, you can make feature requests here. You might find that using an introductory resource like this one will help you to learn the program. ------------------
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PP CS5 and Quicktime
by Paddy Hoy 9 years ago
I didn't load QT prior to installing PP CS5. Do I have to uninstall PP before installing QT And which version is compatible with PP. Thanks
Re: PP CS5 and Quicktime
by Brian Louis 9 years ago
You can load it without uninstalling Adobe, QT ver 7.6.2 or newer
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