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July 7th 2018
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Orlando Gondar 5 months ago
Hello friend, I was testing some FBX files
and on most other tools shows up correctly
but on Cinema 4D ( R18) they show face down.
How can I fix this? Thanks
( I try to rotate the character but will not stay however I learning, so maybe not doing it right)
Self Puppet Creation
by Orlando Gondar 10 months ago
The latest Adobe Character Animator includes a "Characterizer" that will turn you into a puppet. My version ( CC-2015 ) does not included that, however I do have and still learning Cinema 4D R18, is t
BCC 9 and Mocha 5
by Orlando Gondar 1 year ago
Hello folks, I am checking Mocha 5 and I see many things that are already on my BCC 9.1, does it worth to get Mocha 5 In another words, does BCC 9.1 already contains Mocha functions Thanks
James Ollick liked this 1 year ago
Re: BCC 9 and Mocha 5
by Orlando Gondar 1 year ago
Thanks!!! I will check those links....... 1000 of thanks
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