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Consolidate bug ?
by Sascha Haber 5 years ago
Hi guys, i was trying to use the consolidate functions yesterday and i could only parts of work out. The project is 100% ARRI Amira and the conform worked flawlessly. It is mostly talking heads with 5
Re: Consolidate bug ?
by jake blackstone 5 years ago
"Use source clips full extends" will just pull full clips to the new location. "Consolidate Multi Edit extends" will pull only clips used with IN point using the beginning of the first take in the cli
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Feature Suggestion: a 4th picture for scene cut detection
by Charles Haine 6 years ago
I'm finding myself using the scene cut detect feature more and more often lately for whatever reason, and it occurred to me that I would love it if it was 4 stills across the top instead of three, wit
Re: Feature Suggestion: a 4th picture for scene cut detection
by jake blackstone 6 years ago
As I said, if BMD just slowed down a bit and instead of introducing 150 new editing features every year, just went over all main grading operations and cleaned up the buggy mess, Resolve would become
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Resolve 11 freezes on render
by Paul Provost 6 years ago
Seeing this behaviour consistently if I try and render anything over 5-10 minutes long. Either Resolve just disappears "poof"! Or it freezes on render. Sometimes file keeps writing while gui is locked
Re: Resolve 11 freezes on render
by Nuno Garcia 6 years ago
Yes Paul, Resolve still show the job rendering after you re open. (keeps spinning arrows) Resolve V. 11 after I update to 11.1 but continues to do the same, freezes during render, stop the render at r
by Stephen Smith 6 years ago
I'm looking for some inspiration on different looks. Any suggestions on great sites with examples or tutorials I found the following tutorial to be really cool: https: 65617394 Stephen Smith
Re: Looks
by Marc Wielage 6 years ago
Alexis Van Hurkman's Color Correction Look Book: Creative Grading Techniques for Film and Video has some good tips: http: Color-Correction-Look-Book-Techniques dp 0321988183 ref=sr_1_2
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Weird clipping on whites?
by Gonçalo Soares 6 years ago
Hello Creative Cow. So, I've been been doing grading of a 35 minute short for a few days and started to render it in order to see the footage better. Now, during grading we spotted strange occurrences
Re: Weird clipping on whites?
by Nuno Garcia 6 years ago
You need Upgrade to Resolve 10 or 11beta and cuda drivers. Nuno Garcia https: nunotk
Decode Full Resolution
by carlos eduardo couto 6 years ago
Hello! 'm working with a MXF sony f55 (resolution: 4096x2160). Project and timeline are settings at same resolution, (4096x2160). My output scaling preset is 1920x1080. When decode quality is Use Proj
Re: Decode Full Resolution
by Nuno Garcia 6 years ago
Use low or medium resolution for work and render in full res. 4K with full resolution and grading no realtime . Nuno Garcia https: nunotk
Tangent CP 200 with Resolve
by Neil Sadwelkar 7 years ago
Has anyone tried is using the Tangent CP 200 panels that used to ship with Lustre, to work with Resolve I have access to an old CP200 set that was used on a Lustre, the version before it became part o
Re: Tangent CP 200 with Resolve
by Nuno Garcia 7 years ago
CP200 panel is old but very cool, works with the old FCP Color, but not with Resolve. perhaps because ethernet connection, like the old 2k DaVinci panel just work in Linux version. Nuno Garcia https:
FCPX-Resolve-Filmconvert Workflow?
by Terry Crist 7 years ago
So I've been using (and loving) the new FilmConvert plugin for FCPX. however, I'm wondering if anyone has figured out a god way to integrate it into a FCPX-Resolve workflow. Since Filmconvert manipula
Re: FCPX-Resolve-Filmconvert Workflow?
by Robert Houllahan 7 years ago
Filmconvert seems like a waste of $300 IMO, what is it but a lut based on an arbitrary grade of what they think certain film stocks should look like and some fake grain I am less than impressed by the
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9.1.1 window tracking issue
by Nuno Garcia 7 years ago
Hello everybody. I just now install Resolve 9 because Resolve 8 for me was very stable. Now begins some problems, (perhaps my problem) i make one power window, one tracking than save in men1 make anot
Re: 9.1.1 window tracking issue
by Nuno Garcia 7 years ago
Thank Dan and Eric 'm going to use more the tool versions instead of memories ;) especially in this case I am using now 12 node and 6 tracking for Mcdonald commercial. all the time losing the tracking
Prepare a Final Cut Pro project for Resolve
by Mathieu Marano 8 years ago
In the past months I ve done a lot of freelance grading gig. Clients send me their hard disk and I grade their film in my suite and I send them back the drive. Pretty easy isn t it Well, not for every
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Re: Prepare a Final Cut Pro project for Resolve
by Nuno Garcia 8 years ago
good work. No longer have the patience to teach clients. tks Nuno
renaissance panels
by Charles Haine 8 years ago
I'm assuming the old Renissance 8:8:8 panels won't work with Resolve, is that correct http: itm ws eBayISAPI.dll ViewItem&item=270878432247&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123 thanks, Charles ww
Re: renaissance panels
by Nuno Garcia 8 years ago
i think can work on Resolve Linux But that one in eBay is not complete the picture just show the sec. control panel Nuno Garcia Illusion Color Grading
Sometimes I crash when I go from loading my playheads to viewing them.
by Dimitrios Papagiannis 9 years ago
For example I will load in three different shots gang them and view them and then when I try to watch them by closing the playhead window it crashes. Not all the time but sometimes and I have not been
Re: Sometimes I crash when I go from loading my playheads to viewing them.
by Nuno Garcia 9 years ago
I have the same problem, since Resolve V7 I'm waiting an answer from Blackmagic. Resolve8.1 2 x 2,66 Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 ECC ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB NVIDIA Quadro 4000 Mac OS X
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