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what is the effect?
by Nipun Sharma 6 years ago
hey guys i am making some videos of game and i saw this video and this person is bulgarian so he cant answer my quesions. so can you guys hell me with it can you guys tell me those sony vegas effects
Re: what is the effect?
by Andy Hart 6 years ago
1) Gaussian blur bursts + Color Corrector Gain adjusted up, + track event motion 2)tv simulator, radial blur, layer tracks and adjust color alpha 3)create a mask in photoshop
How to do that player indicator thing in sony vegas pro 9?
by Nipun Sharma 6 years ago
hi Guys actually i am editing some videos for some game fans and i need to know somethings. how to do this player indicator highlighter effect in sony vegas pro 9 http: watch v=MESCeYm
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