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Perekeme Odon
Little app: keywordExtractor
by Andreas Kiel 7 years ago
It started here in Germany about a week ago: some people were asking whether you could export keywords and the related clips and TCs from an Event. I made a little free basic app which allows to do th
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Re: FCPX TV-doc timelapse
by Bret Williams 7 years ago
Wow. If I did one of those I think half my screenshots would look like this though...
Nikolas Bäurle liked this 7 years ago
Re: FCPX is not used by professionals and only suitable for editing home movies!
by Ronny Courtens 7 years ago
The guy says about FCPX (quote) "the times I've used it have been few and far between." Is this the same guy who is listed as a Cow Master in the FCPX Techniques forum LMAO!! - Ronny
Craig Seeman liked this 7 years ago
FCPX is Ready for prime time
by Jordan Mena 7 years ago
I'm currently working for a major network that decided to go the FCPX route for creative and finishing in tandem with Resolve. This was my first opportunity to really run FCPX threw its paces and not
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Re: Rack mounting six packs of MacPro
by Craig Seeman 7 years ago
If you look at wine racks you can get some design inspiration
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Re: Danny Boyle: Man of Wonder - Extended
by craig slattery 8 years ago
Absolutely yes. The producers and directors Ive worked with on FCPX, only want to cut in FCPX now. Im booked solid and unable to meet the demand. Those directors are now asking me for recommendations
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