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mini-SAS on Thunderbolt?
by Brad Bussé 6 years ago
I'm upgrading another "new" Mac Pro and need to get an external RAID. Knowing that the new Mac Pro release is imminent, and the new platform will have TB ports but no internal PCIe slots, I'm not sure
Re: mini-SAS on Thunderbolt?
by Nick Kustreba 5 years ago
Hi all-- Nick from ATTO here, both the R680, R380, and 3808D can do parity verify and repairs and you can schedule them on whatever basis (daily, weekly, monthly, every sunday at 2 AM, etc -- your cho
atto R680 in mid 2012 MacPro fan speed problems
by Tudor Paslaru 6 years ago
Hi, does anyone have atto R680 installed in a MacPro, and have fan speed noise problems We want to buy this controller and I am not sure how serious is this problem. Thanks in advance
Re: atto R680 in mid 2012 MacPro fan speed problems
by Nick Kustreba 6 years ago
Hi everyone -- I work at ATTO in support; and I am happy to report that with the latest driver & firmware version for the R680 (and the also the R380), the fan noise on any model Mac Pro should not be
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