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Alternative to Toast
by Nick Clement 10 years ago
Hi, I have a DVD master that I created using DVD Studio Pro enabled with CSS and output to DDP 2.0, I simply copied the Layer0 folder to a DVD-R and sent it to the replicator. They are saying the CSS
Re: Alternative to Toast
by Michael Sacci 10 years ago
Toast is like $80, that is pretty cheap. I fell that Toast is a must have piece of software. Also, you want to be burning DDP 2.0 files if you want the CSS flag to stick.
Freezing/Re-Boot problem
by Nick Clement 12 years ago
Hello, While editing, FCP freezes at random. The rainbow "wheel of death" continues to rotate. I can't get FCP to force quit and when restarting the blue screen with the circulating wheel continues to
Re: Freezing/Re-Boot problem
by Nick Clement 12 years ago
After talking to apple a second time....repairing permissions numerous times they finally had me re-install FCP, and it seems to be working! It hasn't froze on me since.....Thanks for your help
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