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Mad about the beauty of the natural world. Mad enough to keep going.
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March 10th 2010
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Audio Levels for Broadcast Using FCP
by Corey Surge 11 years ago
Long time reader of Creative Cow (lots of problems solved thanks to these forums), first time poster. I am just wrapping up a television ad, it's my first one, and I want to make sure that my audio le
Re: Audio Levels for Broadcast Using FCP
by Nick Austin 11 years ago
I make music videos for broadcast and have made several hundred which we have broadcast in the past. These are mpg2 files where the audio is set to peak at -3db on the standard FC timeline. The new br
DBFS vs -3DB music video clips for broadcast
by Nick Austin 11 years ago
We make audio video clips of classical and instrumental music (some very quite some very loud). We sent these to our new broadcast facility and they complain that our audio is set wrongly. The two fil
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