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Nic DiPalma is the Principal and Creative Director of Nic DiPalma Creative providing enterprising resource management and design solutions in support of marketing, advertising, and media.  He is an award-winning designer and a consummate brand manag... [more]
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October 8th 2008
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Character or Paragraph Styles?
by Nic DiPalma 10 years ago
I'm working with InDesign CS3 to develop a rather large 50+ page book that includes pictures and captions for 150 nominees across 25 categories. My list of nominees and categories is a 16-page Word do
Nesting an HD comp into SD 16:9 widescreen comp ... ?
by Nic DiPalma 10 years ago
Hey, ... anyone I've created several comps in AE at 1920x1080 square pixels and need to output final QT movies for AVID SD 16:9 widescreen (anamorphic). So far, everything looks like crap. What am I
Re: Nesting an HD comp into SD 16:9 widescreen comp ... ?
by Nic DiPalma 10 years ago
I knew it! I knew it! I'm not an idiot ... well, don't ask my wife ... but I knew that the HD comp nested into that D1 Wide comp would work. I had done it before, but just wanted to make sure I was n
New motion graphics reel ...
by Nic DiPalma 11 years ago
Hello COWsers! I would appreciate everyone's thoughts and or suggestions on my new demo reel. Thanks in advance. Go to http: home and click on REEL. Nic ..................... Nic DiPalm
Re: New motion graphics reel ...
by Jason Jenkins 11 years ago
Really nice, Nic. Top notch.Jason Jenkins Flowmotion Media Video production... with style!
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