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15 year professional in VFX and compositing. Currently working in NY in motion graphics for Commercials with Flame, AE, Maya, Avid, etc.
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January 8th 2004
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Cinema 4D R12 Hotkey pdf?
by N. Row 8 years ago
Hi all, I am transitioning to C4D. I find it really useful to have a shortcut printout handy when picking up a new program. There is list in the online help, but it's not of a resolution adequate for
Re: Cinema 4D R12 Hotkey pdf?
by Greg Burrus 8 years ago
This link should send you to the c4d to maya(I used it the other way) guide I uploaded to google docs. It list some of the shortcuts and some other useful reference information. It's not as complete a
Could someone do me a quick favor?
by N. Row 9 years ago
I downloaded a 3D Max 2009 file from Turbo Squid and I need it as an OBJ file for use in Maya. It's a free model of an iPad. Could someone help me by converting it for me I'd really appreciate it! The
realistic gravity
by Teo Camporeale 10 years ago
Hi, I'm working on a dynamic rigid body scene in which my units are set to feet. I'm trying to figure out the correct gravity value so that objects fall at the correct speed. Maya's docs say that the
Re: realistic gravity
by N. Row 10 years ago
Hi Teo, How have you been Regarding your query, dynamics scale is always in centimeters even your grid scale is changed, so you would need to either have had build your scene in real-scale, or simply
A better PS Maya IFF plugin?
by N. Row 11 years ago
Hi all, I just installed CS3 and found that Adobe provides an IFF plugin. At first I thought, "Great, it should be less crashy than the one from Alias circa 2000." Well, it may be more stable but I ha
Re: A better PS Maya IFF plugin?
by Chad Briggs 11 years ago
i've yet to find one, i think you'll be better off just switching over to SGI sequences, which is what i did after the whole IFF broken plugin fiasco. They are almost as fast as IFF and generally just
Lamp ANSI codes, differences...
by N. Row 11 years ago
Hi, I was hoping someone could shed some light on this issue. Ugh, bad pun... For instance, I have a Lowel DP 1000w that accepts G9.5 lamps. G9.5 comes in a few flavors, like EHF, FEL etc. and the uni
Re: Lamp ANSI codes, differences...
by N. Row 11 years ago
Thanks for the advice. Why so harsh on this fixture Curious how you became so passionate in your hate! THanks
need advise on lighting calc software
by Pier Angeli 11 years ago
my firm is changing softwares, and no one seems to beat agi32. the problem that we're having is that when you make a calculation its using a single hardware instead of dual which makes things MUCH slo
Re: need advise on lighting calc software
by N. Row 11 years ago
Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but at times we use Autodesk Maya with the Maxwell renderer for some still shots that require extreme realism. The problem with Maxwell, however, is that
having weird problem with manipulators.
by tolis voskopoulos 11 years ago
hello, i have a problem with the manipulators on maya 8.5 the problem that i have is that i cannot see the manipulators on every view.i press the hotkeys to get the move,scale,rotate manipulators and
Re: having weird problem with manipulators.
by N. Row 11 years ago
I have had similar issues with manipulators and the problem has always been graphics drivers for me. Especially with game cards. You may want to roll-back the drivers. 94.24 Nvidia might work if you'r
smoothing someones face
by Phil Beastall 11 years ago
What's the best way to smoothen someone's face so all you can see are the contours of the face but no features I managed to do one for a shot of someones face who is just staring into camera, using a
Re: smoothing someones face
by N. Row 11 years ago
High Pass is a sharpening technique, but I think you are trying to racoon these faces Racooning is where you roto a protection mask around the eyes, eyebrows, nostrils and mouth and face shape (thus t
cartoonification part3
by dan compton 11 years ago
Thanks for the podcast on cartoonification exactly what i've been looking for for a long time now. i have finished a minute or so video of some beat juggling on turntables it looks good (maybe too goo
Re: cartoonification part3
by N. Row 11 years ago
You can also try the "Posterize Time" effect if you need to output a standard framerate.
Need input on how to improve this
by Nathan Quattrini 11 years ago
I have been working on this for awhile from scratch relearning as I go, and I m not sure if I m satisfied with it yet. The saturation of the characters and BG will be brought up later still, just tryi
Re: Need input on how to improve this
by N. Row 11 years ago
Looks like you used fractal noise Well, improving is pretty subjective. Here are some ideas I'll toss up: Maybe in addition to the smokiness, have a tear or rip open up as well. Using Reshape, or Mesh
shatter bug?
by Alan Parma 11 years ago
hi, i have shatter set up so i can move the camera from behind the shatter object and have it settle to the front. however, there are a few frames where the shatter object kinda inverts on itself, mea
Re: shatter bug?
by N. Row 11 years ago
Try turning off OpenGL if you have it on. I just created a similar comp with shatter and my poly in Shatter are not backface culling inverting like yours are. It might be an issue with your graphics c
3D Stroke
by Inga Kraus 11 years ago
Hi! I would like to create a ribbon with flags in the inside like this: Because it should run smooth I have chosen the trapcode 3D stroke. But now I would like to put my flags in the middle of the two
Re: 3D Stroke
by N. Row 11 years ago
You might be able to cobble together something like this, but it would be limited to one camera angle and would not be very flexible. As mentioned above, the most flexible way to do this would be in a
CC Particle World Time Freezing
by Laszlo L Ujvari 11 years ago
Hello Everyone! I want to do an explosion animation effect with the CC Particle World Effect, but I'd like to do it "Matrix-style". When the particles are about half-way blown out, I'd like to freeze
Re: CC Particle World Time Freezing
by N. Row 11 years ago
CC Particle World lacks a world time parameter. However, Trapcode Particular has precisely what you are looking for. A parameter called "Physics Time Factor", which allows you to freeze or reverse the
Slow Quicktime
by N. Row 11 years ago
I received a group of 1920x1080 .MOVs exported from FCP to Animation codec. They behave extremely slowly. Bog AE down to a crawl and make life generally miserable. I work in HD often and have not had
Re: Slow Quicktime
by N. Row 11 years ago
I have a little more info. They are using FCP 6.03 and the latest Quicktime 7.4.5. They exported XDcam from their time-line using Quicktime Conversion Utility. Apparently they are cutting in XDCam EX.
Pen Pressure Editing?
by N. Row 12 years ago
Can I edit the pressure of an AE vector stroke after I have drawn it with a tablet I know I could get a similar effect with Glue-gun, but I'd rather in the Vector Paint plug in. Any way to do this I h
Real-time is 24 fps
by Karen Kent 12 years ago
Why is my real-time timeline preference 24 frames per second & not 30
Re: Real-time is 24 fps
by N. Row 12 years ago
Maya defaults to the feature film frame-rate of 24fps. Unfortunately, I do not know of way to set the default to 30fps permanently.
Tiffs from Maya stuttering
by tim litostansky 12 years ago
Hey yall, I am not really sure where the most effective place for this post is so I will be putting it in several places. I hope this is not taboo. Here is my issue. I rendered a series of images from
Re: Tiffs from Maya stuttering
by N. Row 12 years ago
You have not described your issue thoroughly enough. What is stuttering Did you render a range or just a few images in IPR or the render view
Beginner rotating camera problem
by Amit Zinman 12 years ago
Hi, I am just going through some beginner tutorials. Now for some reason when I press the Alt key + Left Mouse key, instead of rotation around the axis I get this sort of a weird minus sign. I am usin
Re: Beginner rotating camera problem
by N. Row 12 years ago
You are probably in an Orthographic view and which does not rotate. Switch to a persepective view to rotate the camera.
Mobius Strip
by Brian Dugan 12 years ago
Anyone know of a tutorial on how to create a Mobius Strip in Maya Thanks, Brian
Re: Mobius Strip
by N. Row 12 years ago
Create a single span curve at around -2 X. Center the Pivot point. Parent it to a locator at the origin. Animate a rotate the curve 180o on the Z. Animate rotation of the locator 360o on Y. The first
new computer for maya
by mohan42 12 years ago
hi there First of all sorry if i'm posting in the wrong area. It's just that I'm a Maya enthusiast,it being an ejoyable hobby. I've mainly been following the lovely tutorials on this site (and boy has
Re: new computer for maya
by N. Row 12 years ago
The brief specs you mentioned should work just fine. We run 3 systems with Quad 6600 and Quad 6800 chips. Fact is they outperform Xeon chips in raw render speed. We have Intel and Gigabyte motherboard
GL2 versus HV20
by Stephen Sobel 12 years ago
I'm interested in the differences between the GL2 and the HV20 camcorders in terms of quality of picture using the standard settings.
Re: GL2 versus HV20
by N. Row 12 years ago
I found the article on how to manipulate the HV20 into becoming full manual. However, it was interesting he used a cellphone with white on the screen as a light source. While I am sure that would be c
Blur Filter Node?
by N. Row 12 years ago
Does anyone know of a blur or filter Utility Node I can add to my Hypershade Does one exist "Contrast" exists and could be considered a 'sharpen'. A Blur node would be quite useful to place wherever y
Re: Blur Filter Node?
by Steve Sayer 12 years ago
Most texture nodes have 'Filter' and 'Filter Offset' attributes in the 'Effects' section. Increasing these can blur the texture. See the help files for details and cautions. -Steve
Sanp to Curve rarely works?
by N. Row 12 years ago
I have noticed that Snap-to-Curve and Snap-to-CV is inconsistent. Snap-to-Grid always works for me. I have more problems with snapping to curves however. Has anyone noticed this Any suggestions to get
by N. Row 12 years ago
Maya 8.5 is a tad different in snapping than the previous versions I've used. The big tip here is that you select the object you want to snap to then MMB on the curve you want to snap to and drag a li
HDTV and title safe 10-20%?
by N. Row 14 years ago
Hi, I was hoping some folks could enlighten me as to any differences allowed in describing title and action safe area for HDTV formats. It seems a designer may be able to use more horizontal and vetic
Re: HDTV and title safe 10-20%?
by Sean Meredith 14 years ago
Funny that no one replied to this. I'm wondering the same thing.
Inexpensive field recording?
by N. Row 14 years ago
Hi Audio Cows! My first post in the audio forum, but I'm burning with curiosity about something. I used to lust for a field DAT recorder, and have lusted for a decent microphone for longer. I work in
Re: Inexpensive field recording?
by glenn chan 14 years ago
The laptop may have really poor S N ratio because laptops have to cram all the electronics in a small space, and this makes the analog-digital converters more prone to interference. 2- Your best bet m
NTSC preview device? Firewire but 486?
by N. Row 14 years ago
Hi Cows! I need a device to preview NTSC video on a production monitor. A Firewiretranscoder would be great, however, I'm working in 720x486 and the Firewire breakout boxes I've used so far all use 48
Re: NTSC preview device? Firewire but 486?
by N. Row 14 years ago
Could a Sony DA1 be placed on a Firewire Router and be shared by a few PCs over the router I am not versed in IEEE1394 enough to know if this is possible. Does a Sony DA1 broadcast any DV codec, Micro
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