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I'm a fine young Shooter|Cutter with a "can-do" attitude and a Mind for Media.
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October 7th 2008
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Examples of Great Talking Heads
by Drew Keo 9 years ago
Hi Guys, I am educating my agency on talking head videos, which they can then market to our clients (mostly CEOs C-suit types). I am desperate for examples of talking head videos that really work, som
Re: Examples of Great Talking Heads
by Mike Cohen 9 years ago
Drew There is no shortage of talking heads videos on the web. Here's my favorite: http: watch v=I1wg1DNHbNU But seriously (actually I was serious) go to just about any tech company's w
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DVD SP is no longer offered by Apple. R.I.P
by Alex Asp 9 years ago
This is sad news indeed. As of now there is no word from Apple about DVD SP upgrade or future availability, but there is new FCP-X, which is mostly a glorified iMovie. If this is indeed the end for ou
Re: DVD SP is no longer offered by Apple. R.I.P.
by David Miles 9 years ago
People have also talked about a paperless society as well. Still hasn't caught on. Jobs has been pushing for doing away with physical media as well for a long time. There are just too many practical r
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Canon 5D, Mpeg Streamclip, Interlaced Scaling?
by Sean Bauer 9 years ago
I recently shot a feature on Canon's 5D and I have been importing and converting footage to Apple ProRes for Final Cut, using Mpeg Streanclip. After converting 75% of the footage, I realized that I wa
Re: Canon 5D, Mpeg Streamclip, Interlaced Scaling?
by Nels Chick 9 years ago
Take a close look at your ProRes clips and check for interlaced artifacts. My guess is that you're fine, and I wouldn't worry about the other check boxes. Deinterlace - Don't use it because your 5D fo
Technicolor Picture Profile is Ready to Download
by Nels Chick 9 years ago
I hope it's all it's cracked up to be. http: en hi cinema filmmaking digital-printer-lights cinestyle I'm excited, but I hope the H.264 compression plays nice. I'm confident in Tec
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New Final Cut X
by Sohrab Sandhu 9 years ago
Ok folks! That last thread is getting too long & it was abt the live stream. So lets start the debate afresh here in this new thread. 2.66 GHz 8-core, ATI Radeon HD 4870, FCS 3, AJA Kona Lhi "The crea
Re: New Final Cut X
by Matthew Sonnenfeld 9 years ago
okay, great! I guess that means I'll be staying up tonight here on the east coast! Panasonic HPX170 P 2008 Unibody Macbook Pro 15 inch, 2.8 Ghz, 4GB RAM CalDigit VR Final Cut Pro Studio 3 Avid Media C
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converting interlaced video to progressive in FCP
by Colin Levitch 9 years ago
So I am working with 1080i 60 footage filmed in ACVHD on a Panasonic hdc tm300. I understand that computer monitors do not display interlaced video correctly but the end goal for this edit is youtube
Re: converting interlaced video to progressive in FCP
by Nels Chick 9 years ago
I've had pretty good luck using Compressor to deinterlace footage. It takes a lot longer, but the quality has been good, as long as you use the best settings on everything (some times you can get away
7D hand held rigs
by Peter Sensor 11 years ago
Faced with spending even more money with Zacuto, while I re-invent the wheel, I didn't like any of the hand held rig options - they seemed a bit klunky. I'm not a young guy, so I've got old stuff arou
Re: 7D hand held rigs
by Nels Chick 11 years ago
I second the Indifocus stuff. Inexpensive, but pretty nice to work with. I went that route and don't regret it. If I had a bigger budget I would go with something a bit more accurate and flexible, but
looking for monitor
by Jason Brown 11 years ago
Anyone have any experience opinions with - Marshall's - V-LCD70XP-HDMI -Jason
Re: looking for monitor
by Nels Chick 11 years ago
Agreed, SmallHD is much sexier!
Canon 7D Footage Stretched
by Oscar Lao 11 years ago
Hey everybody, I've been having a ton of trouble recently switching over from Sony Vegas to Final Cut Pro. It seems that everytime I try to render any of my images videos they all come out stretched i
Re: Canon 7D Footage Stretched
by Nels Chick 11 years ago
Check your sequence settings to make sure you are editing at the appropriate resolution and pixel aspect ratio.
7D for professional production
by Nels Chick 11 years ago
I just finished a demonstration video for the KC Slider, a high-end trailer for transporting high-end cars. This video was designed to be shown at trade shows and to be sent to potential customers. I
Re: 7D for professional production
by Nels Chick 11 years ago
Yeah, sadly I was under prepared. The client had about 12 'investors' standing around during the shoot, and there were reflections everywhere. After a while I got fed up enough to tell them where to g
7d/5d export workflow
by Matt Scholes 11 years ago
What kind of workflow has everyone been using to export your edited onlined 7d 5d films What settings out of FCP, and what settings in streamclip etc Also what viewing platforms has your work mostly b
Re: 7d/5d export workflow
by Nels Chick 11 years ago
Yikes! That is a long render. That definitely hasn't been my experience. MPEG Streamclip is one of the coolest programs I've ever used, and it's free. I use it a lot, but typically I use Compressor fo
New 7d user.
by chris larsen 11 years ago
Hi! I am new to the 7d, I have some questions that cover a lot of different subjects. Answer what you can (greatly appreciated) and if possible incorporate hyperlinks to source information. The majori
Re: New 7d user.
by Nels Chick 11 years ago
Hey Chris, I hope you love your 7D, I think it's a pretty cool camera. I usually shoot 1080 24p with my 7D. This is a pretty cool test for ISO settings. http: 2009 10 10 cano
Corporate Video
by Nels Chick 11 years ago
I work for a fortune 500 company in the Media Services Department. Every year we send several hundred thousand dollars of work to two production companies. These companies do a nice job, one more so t
Re: Corporate Video
by john sharaf 11 years ago
Nels, The Kino Flo tubes are specially manufactured for photographic use and do not require any gel nor correction, just white balance and go. They are not appropriate for background lighting (unless
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D7 Test -Quality Question
by Drew Muir 11 years ago
Hi, after many years shooting Digi Beta and a couple with the Red I've borrowed a D7 to see if (for my aging arms) that DSLR would be good alternative to large crews and expenses. After a couple of t
Re: D7 Test -Quality Question
by Nels Chick 11 years ago
Those steppy edges really ticked me off the day I bought my 7D! I shot at 720 60p, and every straight line had jaggies! It's called aliasing, and it has to do with how the imaging chip samples a scene
Cannon 7d
by Thew Mento 11 years ago
http: watch v=Yfpw0UqJyTc Really thinking its a good thing I didnt buy a new 1080 cam this year. I really think this is going to change video, and the industry. Ive seen some amazing f
Re: Cannon 7d
by Nels Chick 11 years ago
Awesome camera! Shoots beautiful 1080 24p video. There are drawbacks, such as aliasing and workflow, but for the price you get excellent lens options, shallow depth of field, sharp 1080p, and great co
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