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Rendering PNG
by Neil Hynes 5 years ago
Hi guys, I was hoping maybe someone here can shed some light on this. Im using Sony Vegas 12 and I am having a problem with a PNG file when it is rendered to .MPEG2 . Basically its text over picture a
Re: Rendering PNG
by Neil Hynes 5 years ago
Thanks again guys and thanks John for the file prep advice; couldnt have said it better.
Pausing a Transition.
by Casey J Porter 8 years ago
I know this might seem like a simple thing to do, but I am having problems figuring it out. I want to put a linear wipe between two pictures, but instead of the wipe completing, I want it to stop at a
Re: Pausing a Transition.
by Neil Hynes 5 years ago
Helped me too John today, thanks, Neil
Exposure Corrections
by Neil Hynes 7 years ago
Hey folks, Can anyone enlighten me here, I recently saw an editor overlay a video on top of an identical video in order to isolate a region and brighten it thus darkening the remaining parts. It worke
Re: Exposure Corrections
by Graham Bernard 7 years ago
_______________________________________________________________ Neil Hynes " I did just now with the cookie cutter and brightness and contrast settings for you to see the results I have achieved" ____
Neil Hynes liked this 7 years ago
Sound Devices 302
by Neil Hynes 7 years ago
Guys and Gals I need some help here, and Creative Cow has alaways been good for that. So I'm back again. I just pulled my 302 out of the box and Ive gone through the user manual but Im still finding i
Re: Sound Devices 302
by Neil Hynes 7 years ago
Thanks for replying Bob, I sorted it. I had it set to 12volt on the input side It should have been set to 48 (volts I mean, not phantom power; i already had the mic set to phantom) Thanks again Neil
PMW 200. Turn off audio channels 3 & 4
by Mark Bennett 7 years ago
Hi Guys, I am trying to figure out how to turn of audio channels 3 and 4 on the Sony PMW 200. The editor has lots of footage coming in and wants to not have the extra channels as they are not needed.
Re: PMW 200. Turn off audio channels 3 & 4
by Neil Hynes 7 years ago
Hi Mark Did you discover a way yet
Sony PMW-200
by Emmet Reddy 7 years ago
Hi Im working on a job next week with the Sony PMW-200 i dont have the card reader can i connect the camera to my mac book and take the footage from the card Thanks Emmet
Re: Sony PMW-200
by Neil Hynes 7 years ago
Connie Thanks a lot for that write-up Very informing and at the same time surprising! Surprising that you need to do all that to capture your footage; what about simply plugging in the usb, dragging t
What is this for Exactly ?
by Neil Hynes 7 years ago
Whats the main purpose of this card And when would one use one Im concerned that everyone is saying that it captures video better than other methods; but is this intended for live streaming performanc
Re: What is this for Exactly ?
by Neil Hynes 7 years ago
Thanks Richard That helps clear up a lot of things for me I am intending to edit away as I am and then worry about color correction after. So I will use the no-calibrated monitors as they are for now
Connecting Sony Z5
by John McMullin 10 years ago
Hello all, I can't understand why I can't connect this camera to FCP. It worries me that when I try to connect the camera via another external hard drive, the hard drive is ejected. If I connect the c
Re: Connecting Sony Z5
by Neil Hynes 8 years ago
I've also fiddled with FCP to no avail. I used this camera a few moons ago and there was no problem. Its also a rental and maybe the port on it is jacked
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