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I'am more a cross between a gangsta and a man who loves science.Hopes that makes sense,I love e visual effects,and I love leading team projects although I prefer doing things on my own.I hate to be lectured but i love to lecture,other than these glitches,I'am great to mingle with!!
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January 30th 2009
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Fume FX error
by Naveen Prasanth 9 years ago
I have an ATI V5700, and I've been using max for a while now, and I just wanted to use fumefx, I installed fumefx 1.2, but when I render with mental ray, it says fusionworks renderer is not supported.
Expression Error!!
by Naveen Prasanth 10 years ago
I was working with AE last night with an expression,the purpose of this expression,was simply for the background layer to have the opposite color of a shape layer.First, I hooked up three slider contr
Re: Expression Error!!
by Naveen Prasanth 10 years ago
Thank u Xilnai didn't notice that bugger! I will try rectifying it!!
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