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Marker keyframe in precomp to slider expression control
by Nathaniel Akin 3 years ago
UPDATE: a little more searching and I find Dan already answered this question! For anyone else looking to do this the answer is here: https: readpost 227 19361 Original post: I'
how to create 8bit pixel style (80s)
by Jacqueline Bauer 10 years ago
Is it possible to create 8bit pixel animation like http: channels pixel page:1 from pictures photos Is there a plug-in for AE available I want to animate the footage (ai, eps, psd) in After
Re: how to create 8bit pixel style (80s)
by Nathaniel Akin 10 years ago
Seeing my name pop up here has inspired me to de-lurk and finally sign up for an account. Glad to see you found some suggestions that work for you, another thing to consider if you have control over t
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