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Nathalie Karouni

I am a Film and Broadcast Editor.

I currently freelance in Los Angeles, but I am looking to expand my network internationally.

I graduated in Media and Film in College with a concentration in Image Science (Analog and Digital Photography, Video... [more]
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March 5th 2013
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Greater Los Angeles Area
Marker Colors
by Justin Gray 7 years ago
Is there a way to manually control the color of markers aside from forcing the marker to be a "Comment" "Encore Chapter" or "Web Link" marker. This seems elementary. Thanks Fellow Bovines, Justin Gray
Re: Marker Colors
by Nathalie Karouni 6 years ago
Hey guys, Besides not having the choice to customize color markers, we don't have the choice either on making the marker comments appear a little clearer It's such a horrible small red rectangle backg
Editor needed for Doc about Cuban Flamenco Dancer
by william knight 9 years ago
I am looking for an editor, FCP, must speak Spanish fluently, to sort out edit of a Documentary about a Cuban Flamenco dancer, filming took place in Havana, Seville and London. To give an idea of the
Re: Editor needed for Doc about Cuban Flamenco Dancer
by Nathalie Karouni 7 years ago
Dear William, I am a freelancer video editor based in Los Angeles. I have over 6 years of experience with all the post production software. I do have a passion and interest in the flamenco and Spanish
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