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Editing Reel Music?
by Aariel 13 years ago
Hi all, I am putting together an editing reel for the first time and I want to follow the format I've seen other people use - short opening montage with music, followed by some scenes from films I've
Re: Editing Reel Music?
by Myron78 13 years ago
about a year ago I graduated and posted my reel here and raised the exact same question with the exact same battle royal over the question of legality. since then I landed a job that I love. I used th
Demo Reel feedback
by Myron78 14 years ago
go ahead and rip me a new one. I've watched this so much that I'm beginning to hate it all. I know I need a new song and I was wondering if anyone knows the legal issues with having a copywrited (writ
Re: Demo Reel feedback
by Myron78 14 years ago
I am just as curious about the copywright debate (maybe even more than my reel). I like the way this discussion is going. now we need someone to counter your point. Also, does anyone know a good compr
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