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ProAnimator 5.0x in After Effects CS5.5
by Don De Los Rios 9 years ago
I'm experiencing some issues with this combination. First, the permanent license code does not hold. Although the visual indications on screen would make you think all is well, if I restart my compute
Re: ProAnimator 5.0x in After Effects CS5.5
by Chris Larsen 9 years ago
I seem to be having this problem too, but with AE CS 5.5 and 3D Invigorator Pro. Symptoms are the same: registration details don't hold and I've had AE lock up on me. The AE freeze I think is memory r
Invigorator Pro Error
by Chris Larsen 14 years ago
I recently reinstalled Windows and after reinstalling After Effects and Invigorator, I get an error message any time I try to apply Invig. to a layer. AE and Invig. both worked before the reinstall, b
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