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Who wants to be a hero and try FCP7 with Mavericks?
by Al LeVine 6 years ago
I've been using FCP 7 with 10.8 for over a year, no problems. Anybody want to be a maverick and give FCP 7 a try with 10.9 Final and report the results (I know it was working okay with early betas)
Re: Who wants to be a hero and try FCP7 with Mavericks?
by Maurice Spees 5 years ago
Never change a winning team! That's all. I am still on 10.7.5 and everything works just fine... Moving Films - The power of vivid expressions
Dutch HDSLR Cinematographer/ FCP Editor Looking for job in Thailand
by Maurice Spees 7 years ago
I have lived and worked with a workpermit in SE-Asia for over seven years. Then I returned to my home country for 2 years, but now I am heading back to live in Bangkok. I got a huge portfolio there, w
Considering new Camera - AG-HMC150 / AG-HPX170
by Allen Zagel 11 years ago
Hi HA! Reading about the mini-wars between Sony and Panasonic. Oh well goes a lot farther than just using a Panny camera with Vegas. Which now makes me looking at these 2 new cameras. I do legal work
Re: Considering new Camera - AG-HMC150 / AG-HPX170
by Maurice Spees 10 years ago
I own a HVX200, what do i get for it, when I exchange it with the HPX170 or is this the wrong post for that Silly frontrunners....Visualantis-Media Arts Collective for innovative Independent film, the
Depth of field plug-ins
by Paul Hough 11 years ago
Hi, I was wondering if anyone uses "depth of field" plug-ins - and how successful the results are. I was hoping o shoot something soon - and rather than buy an adaptor for my camera for a different le
Re: Depth of field plug-ins
by Maurice Spees 11 years ago
Yes, there is a depth of field plugin on the market, you can choose from: person detector (male female)-face detector or simply foreground detector. It detects your focus point, and the area that is s
Letterbox or Squeeze?
by Robb Stan 12 years ago
When shooting in the tape mode, what is the difference between the "Letterbox" and the "Squeeze" setting on the HVX200 I want to shoot 16x9 widescreen.
Re: Letterbox or Squeeze?
by Maurice Spees 12 years ago
Sorry the squeeze mode can be refered to as Anamorphic 16:9 while the letterbox is just a 16:9 aspect ratio ;) Digital Film and Video Production service company in Thailand.
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