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importing fonts
by Monte Swann 9 years ago
I am working on a project that involves Cyrillic (russian) subtitles. I downloaded two Cyrillic.ttf fonts which seemed appropriate and loaded them into the font book. The fonts appeared in the font se
Re: importing fonts
by Monte Swann 9 years ago
Mark, Thanks for the response. It seems to be working fine on my Mac Pro. The problem still persists on the Mac Mini even after re-boot. As long as I use the Mac Pro I'm good to go.
by Paul Whishaw 12 years ago
I am looking for some very cool Russian fonts but all I seem to be able to find are basic fonts that are kind of boring. Anyone know where there are good Russian font resources that I can download for
by Monte Swann 9 years ago
I downloaded a cyrillic ttf from eagle that looked really great. I was able to select the font in FCP and super the cyrillic characters over the video. It worked great. I closed FCP and rest
Cryllic fonts
by Monte Swann 9 years ago
I am editing a project that requires Cyrillic (Russian)subtitles. I am using a MacPro 2.8Ghz 8Core Intel Xeon w 8GB ram A font that fits the bill exists in the computers main library called CharcoalCY
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