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Audition CS6 - Mixdown keyframes are slightly off
by Bob Seifert 7 years ago
Hi, I'm trying to export a song from Audition. When playing the session it sounds fine, I have a number of volume envelopes to edit out breath sounds on the vocals and the playback sounds great. Howev
Re: Audition CS6 - Mixdown keyframes are slightly off
by Mitch Rosefelt 6 years ago
Did you find a fix for this I'm having the same problem with a .sesx where all the pan keyframes are offset in the mixdown. Bummer!!!
'Hand Tool' temporary toggle
by Alan Shisko 11 years ago
All, Is there a KB shortcut to temporarily toggle to the hand tool (other than hitting "H") When I'm zoomed in on the timeline and want to slide the view back or forth, right now I have to hit "H", dr
Re: 'Hand Tool' temporary toggle
by Mitch Rosefelt 7 years ago
For the sake of consistency with the other programs in their suites, they should certainly have made this feature available along. IMO, its a case of software designers not understanding the mindset a
File Recovery
by diametergirl 14 years ago
Anyone know of a good recovery program that I can use on an After Effects file that was damaged during a crash I kept getting memory errors...and then crash... now, not only will my working file not o
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Re: File Recovery
by Mitch Rosefelt 7 years ago
Could you pass along the name of the recovery software you used It will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
Eliminate problem particles?
by Mitch Rosefelt 10 years ago
Hi all: I have an animation where I am using particle playground to send particles down a curved tube - to represents platelets in an artery. I have a mask to contain the flow. The mask is animated to
Re: Eliminate problem particles?
by Mitch Rosefelt 10 years ago
Thanks for the response. I haven't tried foam, but reading the help file, it doesn't seem like you can animate the shape being filled w the foam particles. Is there a way to do that Basically I want t
flv export from AE is broken
by Mitch Rosefelt 12 years ago
Hey all: For some reason, whenever I try to export an flv from After Effects 7, it just hangs. My typical procedure is to choose "custom" in the export window, then choose On2 and choose the various s
Re: flv export from AE is broken
by DrTroy 12 years ago
I'm actually having the same problem and I can't find a solution. Have you solved it and if yes can you tell me what you've done That would be really helpful!
Spray images with Particles?
by Mitch Rosefelt 13 years ago
Hi all: Thanks for hosting this forum, its my first time visiting. I want to make an effect of spraying a bunch of images using particles and having them fall on a floor in a 3D comp. I looked at Joe
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