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Multi Cam
by Patrick Morrow 8 years ago
Trying to use multi cam in FCP X and when I make the multi clip it adds the 3 clips next to each other and it does not work. Please help!
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Re: Multi Cam
by Mikey Bouchereau 8 years ago
Change from auto, and choose "clip" as your choice for Angles. Otherwise it will try to sync by camera. This is meant to sync DSLR cameras. The nice part about the Angle option is that it chooses "cam
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QuickTime 720p with 5.1 sound
by Karlis Jaunzems 10 years ago
Hi Everyone, I have this problem. I have Apple ProRes HQ 720p QT file with 5.1 sound. What I need to do is, I need to compress it with h.264 compression so it would fit into DVD9 disk but to keep the
Re: QuickTime 720p with 5.1 sound
by Mikey Bouchereau 10 years ago
Here ya go I just made you a compressor Droplet, I have FCS 3 so I am not sure if it will work with early versions. These are the specs for the droplet Name: 5.1 Surround 720 h264 Description: Do not
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Export to DVD
by Matthew Celia 8 years ago
Burning a one-off DVD via FCPX and decided to speed things up to select background rendering "Use This Computer Plus". The problem is that even though in Compressor I have specifically set it Not to C
Re: Export to DVD
by Mikey Bouchereau 8 years ago
Hey Matt, If you use more than one computer to render any files through qmaster, the media will need to be copied over to the additional computers to be encoded also. You can change your shared cluste
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