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Mikel is an award winning filmmaker and long time partner with Andrew Gilbert. Three of the short films Mikel directed and which he and Gilbert co-wrote and produced have gone on to play in several film festivals and secure international distribution... [more]
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June 20th 2008
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Weymouth, MA
Can not "Add Folder" in "Log and Transfer"
by Andrei Bocharnikov 11 years ago
Hi, never happened before... I was shooting on P2 and stored the content of the card on an external hard disk. Now I have problem to open it in FCP with "Log and Transfer". Usually I press the "Add Fo
Re: Can not "Add Folder" in "Log and Transfer"
by Mikel Wisler 11 years ago
Ah, sorry. That's my mistake. I meant 10.5.3 when I wrote that earlier message. The problem is definitely with 10.5.3 and FCP 6.0.3.
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