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Owner and lead programmer at divergent media, inc. I'm trying to use my 10 years in the video business to make great software for the industry.
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May 22nd 2004
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Mixed Frame Rate Workflow
by Aiden Jordan 1 year ago
Hi all, Sorry, another annoying frame rate discussion... This has been posted on Avid community so apologies to those who go back and forth between the two, but was interested in getting the opinions
Re: Mixed Frame Rate Workflow
by Mike Woodworth 1 year ago
You mentioned EditReady in your post. It can do time stretch style retimings (similar to what cinema tools did). Click on Additional Options or go to the Batch menu Show Additional Options... Add Fram
Sony A7S and FCP 7 Workflow
by Jamie Lee 5 years ago
Has anyone worked with media from the Sony A7S camera. Looking for some tips regarding post workflow and getting the media into FCP 7. Import XML isn't working, it asks for a navigational file and giv
Re: Sony A7S and FCP 7 Workflow
by Mike Woodworth 3 years ago
Hey Jim, It's mike form divergent media (the makers of EditReady). We'd love to get our hands on a file to try to reproduce this internally. Can you email me at mike@divergentmedia.com mike
FS700 & EditReady - No timecode after media conversion
by Audrey-Anne Dugas 4 years ago
Hi guys, I conformed my AVCHD from an FS700 with EditReady and the software can't read the Timecode. I know the camera kept the all the metadata because I did a test with ClipWrap and it could read th
Re: FS700 & EditReady - No timecode after media conversion
by Mike Woodworth 4 years ago
We have a fix for this in testing right now. Expect to see it next week sometime. In the interim, please email us at support@divergentmedia.com and we can give you the beta of the upcoming fix to test
XAVC-S to ProRes conversion issue
by josh wann 5 years ago
I recently shot with the Sony A7S. I converted the footage to ProRes with Brorsoft Video Converter, which seemed to work fine (however it has limited options). My problem is that some footage I shot a
Re: XAVC-S to ProRes conversion issue
by Mike Woodworth 5 years ago
My recommendation is EditReady (but I'm slightly partial as the app's developer). http: www.divergentmedia.com editready mike
transferring Gopro frame rates
by Per Scaffidi 5 years ago
Hi -- received some go pro action footage shot at 59.94. I can't seem to find a way to convert this to 24p slow mo. Any idea out there I have Squeeze and Adobe Media encoder but neither seem to have a
Re: transferring Gopro frame rates
by Mike Woodworth 5 years ago
Per, My company recently released a new Mac transcoding app designed with this exact problem in mind. It's called EditReady, and it's simple, fast and able to conform frame rates like you need. Check
ClipWrap not working in Final Cut 7
by David Mayer 5 years ago
I converted an AVCHD clip shot at 60i with my Canon C100 with ClipWrap (2.6.7 just downloaded) to ProRes 422. In Final Cut 7.0.3 it looks great but stutters badly. Fix iMac 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB
Re: ClipWrap not working in Final Cut 7
by Mike Woodworth 5 years ago
David, You didn't mention in your original post if you were rewrapping or transcoding your footage in ClipWrap. For FCP7 we recommend transcoding to ProRes 422. Also, if you like ClipWrap, keep an eye
Blackmagic Ultrascope and Teranex 2D
by Bob Zelin 6 years ago
It works - here is how to get it to work, even thought it is NOT described in any manual. 1) you need a Mac Mini running OS X 10.8, a Teranex 2D and a Thunderbolt cable running between the Mini and th
Alex Gerulaitis liked this 6 years ago
Re: Blackmagic Ultrascope and Teranex 2D
by Mike Woodworth 6 years ago
Hey Bob, I'm curious why you think ScopeBox's graticles are less accurate than Ultrascope's. I don't wanna hijack this thread, but I'd love to discuss your concerns over email. mike -- Mike Woodworth
G5 + Scopebox
by Boris Tivchev 7 years ago
Hi, Having trouble getting decent HD playback with Resolve and Scopebox on a separate Dual 2.5GHz G5 with 4.5RAM. SDI signal out from FSI LM-2461M through to AJA LH. If anyone has a similar setup can
Re: G5 + Scopebox
by Mike Woodworth 7 years ago
Hey all, We have been working on trying to boost performance for all machines. At this point, it only makes sense to make changes that speed up both PPC and Intel... PPC is just too old to devote a lo
Scopebox 3.0
by Alex Frankland 7 years ago
Hey Guys, Has anyone tried the new Scopebox 3.0 for only USD$99 on the Resolve I'm really curious about how it is... Just wondering if its worth purchasing and if it would preserve CPU performance as
Re: Scopebox 3.0
by Mike Woodworth 7 years ago
That's strange... we're finding perf to be better under v3.0. Can you send us an email - support@divergentmedia.com so we can try to track down what might be happening -mike
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