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Capturing DV Tapes using Sony HVR-1500
by Mike Miller 5 years ago
Hey guys, An oldie but a pain in the backside. I'm trying to capture some DV Tapes of mine using a Sony HVR-1500 deck using AVID MC 5. I am all patched up and remoted into the deck. I can control the
Re: Capturing DV Tapes using Sony HVR-1500
by Piotr Niemcewicz 5 years ago
hi i use similar deck - dsr-1500 ap first - you connect computer and deck using serial cable to RS-422 port 2. link computer with deck by firewire cable system must found deck (in periperials and prin
Old School black and white cartoon
by Mike Miller 9 years ago
I'm currently editing a music video for a 1950's rock and roll song called Safronia B. The vibe I am going for is a kind of old warner brothers look. I've played around with the saturation and whites
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