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Enlarging Audio Track
by Ray Bright 2 years ago
I used FCP 15 years ago, you could then blow up the audio track so large you could see each wave top and bottom clearly. But the latest v doesn't allow me to blow it up that far, or more likely, I jus
Re: Enlarging Audio Track
by Mike Lemons 2 years ago
Select the audio clip and hit Command and + key Is that what you mean Frosties are just Cornflakes for people who cant handle reality.
Best stabilization for FCPX
by Mike Lemons 2 years ago
Hi everyone, first post!! I'm a small scale editor for weddings and events videography and I have just taken on a edit job for a client who has shot a LOT of shaky footage. Now I try not to use the in
Re: Best stabilization for FCPX
by Mike Lemons 2 years ago
Wow thanks for the thorough and in-depth reply! I honestly thought there would be one plugin that would rule them all but sounds like it is a case of trial and error as you pointed out. I hadn't heard
4K feature editing storage options: New to RAID
by Rhys Sherring 3 years ago
So I'm in pre-production for my first feature film that will be shot using a Sony a7s II recording to Atomos Ninja Flame; 4K (2160p) DNxHD 220. I bought a high end PC rig couple weeks ago that will be
Re: 4K feature editing storage options: New to RAID
by Jeff Pulera 3 years ago
I don't believe USB-C can be added to a computer - you either have it, or you don't. But there is nothing wrong with using USB 3.0 if that's what you have, which will exceed the needs of most users. I
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V-log in the post
by Chris Kuta 2 years ago
Hi guys, Got a timing issue with getting V-Log on my GH5 and I was wondering if anyone can make a suggestion. My Panasonic GH5 came through yesterday and thought that v-log was with it (my mistake), s
Re: V-log in the post
by Mike Lemons 2 years ago
Same thing happened to me! They post the code out as a download could be used by multiple users I guess Re your Q: I would shoot in CinelikeD as thats the flattest profile you can get next to V-LOG im
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