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Program, Preview, and 8 inputs on one LCD?
by Mike Broich 10 years ago
While browsing Ebay, I ran across this production trailer: http: cgi.ebay.com ws eBayISAPI.dll ViewItem&item=160335003089 If you look at the second picture, it shows a Grass Valley switcher and an LCD
Re: Program, Preview, and 8 inputs on one LCD?
by Mike Broich 10 years ago
Yep, that turns out to be exactly how he was doing it....three boxes, and a pile of interconnect cable....oh, boy. Now....does anyone know of a cheap quad that outputs VGA instead of composite
remotely control cameras
by Dmitriy Dribinskiy 10 years ago
Just a hypothetical question . Do people use a remotely control cameras at the events, such as Weddings, i.e. for the Ceremony, behind the Altar If yes, what do I need (screen, remote control, etc.)
Re: remotely control cameras
by Mike Broich 10 years ago
I have used three Canon VC-C4's for an annual religious conference (combination business meetings worship ceremonies) for about 10 years. 2 are stacked one above the other on a metal bracket I made, t
Where are the DV-550's?
by Mike Broich 11 years ago
I just picked up a studio setup of three KY-19's to do a conference in April. I also need a camcorder to record some breakout sessions, and I'd love a DV-550 that would also connect up to a CCU at tim
Multi display content creation
by Roger Lansing 11 years ago
This may have been answered here before, but my initial search turned up nothing. Maybe I am using the wrong search terms....anyways, I have been tasked with creating content for a permanent video wal
Re: Multi display content creation
by Mike Broich 11 years ago
Can a Watchout display computers utilize multi-monitor cards or the Matrox Triplehead2go boxes to reduce the number of licenses needed That might work in this application, since individual monitors ar
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