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Matrox uncompressed m101
by Miha Pece 6 months ago
I'm trying to put in use our old analogue video capture tool from Matrox - MXO 2 LE - to digitise some old footage. For capturing we are using Matrox AV tools on Windows, which has an option for Matro
The new Mac Book pro
by Ricardo Marty 2 years ago
This sounds terrible. https: www.youtube.com watch time_continue=291&v=Xjor24HO2HA Ricardo Marty P.S. Was about to purchase
Re: The new Mac Book pro
by Miha Pece 2 years ago
I think Apple is still king for mobile editing. I would love some real competition here, but I m not holding my breath. Sure, I would prefer better-cooled laptops. Maybe not just for that 5% better re
Clip-to-clip color correction
by Matthew Schickler 9 years ago
It turns out "auto-balance" is not always what you want. Sometimes you want to correct one clip by eye relative to another clip. It doesn't look like FCP X supports any easy way to display a reference
Re: Clip-to-clip color correction
by Miha Pece 9 years ago
Non existing option for reference frame is now a problem. I help myself with skimming, although this is really just first aid. Relatively easy modification for FCP UI designers (I guess) would be to p
For documentarists
by Miha Pece 9 years ago
Now you can maybe get false impression that FCPX gained a lot for free-form editing (trailers, spots) and others loose. Let me just mention one neat feature for very linear workflow. In editing observ
Re: For documentarists
by Miha Pece 9 years ago
Metadata option is very powerful (in FCPX) and useful on a lot occasions, but in this kind of workflow is redundant for me. But yes, this is primarily question of style of film. Miha Pece editor
Let get one thing striaght...
by Greg Burke 9 years ago
Final Cut Pro X is a remarkable program, it's fast, the presets are great! And it has a great tool applying filters and color correction. That said....... I really want it to fail, mainly because if i
Re: Let get one thing striaght...
by Phil Hoppes 9 years ago
There will never be a FCP8. What you see is what you will get. There is no hidden meaning. If FCPX fails, and actually, once the dust settles, I don't think it will fail. But if it did fail, its gone
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NYT reporter Pogue responds to pros concerns
by TImothy Auld 9 years ago
Talk about missing the point(s) http: pogue.blogs.nytimes.com 2011 06 23 professional-video-editors-weigh-in-on-final-cut-pro-x
Re: NYT reporter Pogue responds to pros concerns
by Jim Giberti 9 years ago
Timothy I think my response is reasonable and I'm comfortable with the points I made. I am, however uncomfortable with your last statement. Is there something that I'm not aware of regarding when some
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FCP-X timeline
by Eric Jurgenson 9 years ago
Trying to get my head around the new "trackless grouping" paradigm. Does anyone else think that what is designed to simplify is actually going to make things much more confusing I'm freaked out that o
Re: FCP-X timeline
by Miha Pece 9 years ago
"APPLE ABANDONING PROFESSIONALS" also seems non-logical. For a company who really wanted to be a major at the end of the chain: selling content, it would be stupid to abandon a tool which is producing
Archival codec, wrapper, format....
by Miha Pece 9 years ago
I hope the time for this question is not inappropriate. We are supporting research in our institution with video documentation. I think days of video tape archive are over for us, so we went on LTO-4
Re: Archival codec, wrapper, format....
by Miha Pece 9 years ago
Proprietary codecs with few users are a real risk. Yes, this is reality - painful. Wouldn't be nice if Apple would "open" prores for everyone, like Google did with WebM Miha Pece editor
Final Cut Pro X Pro Users Only??
by Alexander Higgins 9 years ago
I feel like a lot of praise for Final Cut Pro X is coming from ProSumers and Fan Boys. Seriously, I have a company and we have invested in 10 suites for FCP for editorial and lots of other things. Wha
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Re: Final Cut Pro X Pro Users Only??
by Miha Pece 9 years ago
I think nobody yet pointed on similarities with Sony Vegas (SV). When I first saw SV (it was not Sony yet) I was pleasantly surprised and you had to admit that basically all other editing programs at
LTO backup configuration
by Joao Velho 10 years ago
I am looking for a robust solution for large data backup based on LTO tape drive. So, I am considering to purchase a tape drive Quantum TC-L51BN-AR LTO-5 FH, Tabletop Kit, 6Gb s SAS, black, to use wit
Re: LTO backup configuration
by Miha Pece 10 years ago
If you are concerned with formats, or more precise universal readability, I would suggest just linux and TAR in POSIX flavor. We went this route with Quantum and their bundled SAS controller. But it t
Still cache
by Miha Pece 13 years ago
I,m making stop animation film so i use a lot stills on timeline. Very quickly the red bar shows that I have to render for RT prewiev. I raised still cache slider in preferences on 80% of 2.5 GB ram b
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