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September 11th 2014
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Problems with XDCAM Transfer en FCP 7
by Michel Steinberg 5 years ago
Hello! I'm trying to export an MFX XDCAM HD422 file from my sequence using XDCAM Transfer but I keep getting the following error: Please check that the volume to which you are exporting is not locked
Why don't values show up in pre-compositions
by Michel Steinberg 6 years ago
Hi, is there a way to see the values of the layers in pre-compositions I have to right click and do edit value each time.. why is that
Re: Why don't values show up in pre-compositions
by Todd Kopriva 6 years ago
You've just hidden the Switches column in that Timeline panel. http: helpx.adobe.com after-effects using general-user-interface-items.html#columns -----------------------------------------------------
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