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Seamless music&video presentation
by Martin Cermak 5 months ago
Hey creatives, I struggle to find the right software for a relatively simple idea. I've looked into DJ VJ software, but no luck. Imagine one person doing a power point presentation. My idea is similar
Re: Seamless music&video presentation
by Michael Samarin 5 months ago
Martin, I think what you described in your original message can be achieved with just standard PowerPoint on both Mac and PC. With combination of embedded into slides audio files and video playing ful
4 Screen Fast Food Menu Setup
by Angel Burgueno 1 year ago
Hey guys, So there is a small business which will be a fast food taco shop that is starting up, In which they would like to add 4 screens for the menu like the ones in mcdonalds or other fast food pla
Re: 4 Screen Fast Food Menu Setup
by Michael Samarin 1 year ago
There is also possibility to have a low-end and quite inexpensive, but reliable setup with my KeyShowX: http: www.keywebx.com keyshowx Essentially, you can drive in sync as many slideshows as you want
Multiscreen Video
by Andreas Woelfl 2 years ago
hello everybody, i am sure that this issue has been discussed already and I have even found a conversation related to my problem, but as the post is from 5 years ago I was hoping that there has been i
Re: Multiscreen Video
by Michael Samarin 1 year ago
Andreas, If your canvases don't have to be blended and show production can afford several Macs: the way how my customers are doing this for the past 12 years is rendering super-widescreen video in sev
Playing Video's on multiple screens?
by Chantel Thederahn 3 years ago
Hey there guys! Not sure if this question is really in the right category, but I'll be building what my boss eventually wants to do anyways in after effects. Anyways has anyone ever played video's on
Re: Playing Video's on multiple screens?
by Michael Samarin 3 years ago
Hi Chantel, If you are on a Mac, make those three videos like you are planning, put them into three different Keynote's or PowerPoint slide decks and then, have three Macs ready and loaded with those
How to start several videos simultaneously?
by martin dugard 4 years ago
Hello, May I ask for your help I have the following set up with 3 Macs in the same room, each with a video file: - a first Mac with a video file linked to a video projector - a second Mac with another
Re: How to start several videos simultaneously?
by Michael Samarin 4 years ago
Hi Martin, You can try out my software KeyShowX http: keywebx.com I've created it exactly for this scenario - when you have to sync playback of multiple video files or Keynote Powerpoint presentations
Equipment advice for a multi-display live event
by Dan Kim 4 years ago
I'm a relative newbie at live events. I am helping to plan one later this summer. We will have 4 projectors. We are hoping to use the VGA interface because it is the common interface between them. For
Re: Equipment advice for a multi-display live event
by Michael Samarin 4 years ago
Hi Dan, Are you planning to show actual live camera streams on any of these displays during the show If the answer is no, and you are always going to use some kind of pre-generated sources (slides, vi
Multi Monitor Video Sync
by Joe Forzano 4 years ago
Hi all, I'm new to the Cow and I've got a question that someone I work with just dropped on me. Here it is, verbatim: "We want to shoot a video of a car driving something where it comes in one side of
Re: Multi Monitor Video Sync
by Michael Samarin 4 years ago
"2. Green screen the car in motion. Have wide-angle background that can cover the 5-6 monitors without looking unusual to composite over." I agree with Thomas, that's probably the best solution. If th
Video playback
by Andy Wood 5 years ago
Can anyone recommend a simple system for playback of video audio files for a live theatre event where i would need a modicum of control as live performers timings not fixed. I need to be able to make
Re: Video playback
by Michael Samarin 5 years ago
Andy, for such simple needs and only single laptop playback I would really recommend just Keynote or PowerPoint with embedded videos. I had no problems embedding up to 1080p H246 encoded video files i
Does anyone have KeyShowX 1.1?
by dan bora 9 years ago
Hi, I've been trying to download KeyShowX 1.1 from the KeyWebX website (or other software download sites) but the site is down. I can't tell if this is a temporary breakdown, or for how long it will b
Re: Does anyone have KeyShowX 1.1?
by Michael Samarin 6 years ago
Just to bump this thread, new version of KeyShowX is available: http: www.keywebx.com Supports unlimited amount of controlled Keynote and PowerPoint presentations, QuickTime Player, Apple DVD Player a
Video Playback Software for Mac OS X
by Steven Sokulski 7 years ago
Hello! I used to peruse these forums back in my early days on Final Cut Pro, but was glad to see there's a gathering place for folks working on live video events here, too. My question is this: Any re
Re: Video Playback Software for Mac OS X
by Michael Samarin 7 years ago
Hi Steven, Are there any other special requirements for the playback Why are you thinking about special dedicated video playback software Do you have to sync slideshow on one computer with video playb
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