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Anyone seen this issue before
by Michael Smollin 3 months ago
Hi I am shooting cannon Mark 11 with a 1 4 pro mist filter and my images look like this: Any suggestions or setting I can use to fix this issue. Thanks!
Re: Anyone seen this issue before
by Chris Wright 2 months ago
you can remove color casts with channel mixer set to color transfer only, lens blur the highlight artifacts together, but there is no information left to recover. all you can do is make it less ugly.
JL Cooper Panels Spectrum/MCS-3000
by Michael Smollin 6 years ago
I have a slight used set of color panels. They are in excellent working order. Please see my ebay post: http: cgi.ebay.com ws eBayISAPI.dll ViewItem&item=181132996867 I am asking 3300.00 or best offer
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