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Copy Camera Raw Decoding
by Florian Gintenreiter 6 years ago
It's the first time that I have to grade a longer sequence from a RED camera, so I can finally use the "Camera Raw Decoding" feature of resolve. I understand that I can have Resolve decode the clips o
Re: Copy Camera Raw Decoding
by Michael Patten 4 years ago
Can you elaborate, Margus I don't seem to see "copy with version enabled" tick box in Resolve 12. Thanks!
Dragging multiple clips to timeline, in order.
by Michael Patten 5 years ago
Trying to drag a huge batch of clips to a timeline. I need them arranged in the same order that they are listed in my project window. Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, etc.... But when I select them all and dra
Re: Dragging multiple clips to timeline, in order.
by Ron Fredericks 9 months ago
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