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Michael Locke

dancer turned actor turned writer/director/one-man-movie-maker:so many stories,so little time...
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July 25th 2010
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San Francisco, CA
Technical Information:
System Details:
15\"MacbookPro 2014 11,3 ; OS 10.12.4; GH-3/4/5; FCS3, CS6, Resolve Studio 14/15; Samsung 40\" HDR UHD; BMD UltraStudio 4K
Home Studio Musical Gear:
MixPre 6, Sennheiser 416, Rode VMP
Personal Information:
cycling, cooking, the market, and zero viscosity and other quantum antics...
Area of Expertise:
Acting, DSLR video, 2nd AC, bicycles ad infinitum,
Favorite Books:
Pinter,Stoppard,Chayefsky,Bukowski,Shakespeare,Mamet...all over...
Favorite Bands / Musicians:
Miles,TomWaits,LizPhair,XTC,Zappa,Beethoven,TalkingHeads,all over...
Favorite Movies:
All That Jazz,Stop Making Sense,The Big Lebowski,Casablanca,My Own Private Idaho,you get the...
Favorite TV Shows:
Arrested Development,Madmen,24,NBR,Star Trek(yeah...),Paper Chase,All in the Family;yes that old
Comments and Things Worth Noting:
NO PLAN \"B\"!
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