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Computer Advice for Editing
by Tyler Blank 2 years ago
Hey Guys, I am very new to editing with Adobe Premier, I have only used it to edit film in school. However, I am thinking of purchasing the software at home as well. I have a drone (the Phantom 3 Adva
Re: Computer Advice for Editing
by Michael Krueger 2 years ago
Looks like a decent start. The only thing that could hold you back a little is the graphics card but that goes for pretty much every option so far and isn t an easy change with your budget constraints
Need the smallest file possible for exporting
by Forrest McBride 2 years ago
So I made a series of 2-minute clips for the company I'm working for. However, the 150mb files are too big for them. At the moment I'm exporting 1080p in H.264. They want the files to be around 30mb,
Re: Need the smallest file possible for exporting
by Michael Krueger 2 years ago
Set the video target bitrate to 2 Mbit, video maximum to 3 Mbit and don t forget to also lower the audio bitrate to 96 kbit. Depending on the source material (movement, noise, lighting) you will lose
Upgrading my equipment
by Alex Dean 3 years ago
Hello all, I am a professional working in the education sector as a video content producer. I shoot and edit all my own audio and video but, because of the financial climate, I use my own equipment fo
Re: Upgrading my equipment
by Michael Krueger 2 years ago
A7S II all the way! It is an excellent camera which not only can be upgraded with XLR Inputs but also holds its ground as a B camera on projects where much higher classed cameras are used simply becau
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