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Did anyone lose their job after FCPX mistake ?
by Anders Haavie 7 years ago
Does anyone know if anyone has been fired for the FCPX f**kup Or do Apple still think they did the right thing, even after the whole postproduction world left them Someone should get the boot. At leas
Re: Did anyone lose their job after FCPX mistake ?
by Michael Hoefler 7 years ago
Hi James Richard Taylor did a nice tutorial about this. http: fcpx.tv Pages tracks.html Michael
Lets wait...
by Viktor Kamenick√Ĺ 8 years ago
...for another 6 months to be upset http: www.macrumors.com 2012 06 11 david-pogue-new-imacs-and-mac-pros-coming-probably-in-2013 "You never want to get to get a call from the editing room" Art Adams
Re: Lets wait...
by Craig Seeman 8 years ago
Gordon Modin "Apple is forcing us to see the advantages to owning FCX on a laptop or iMac." According to David Pogue no new iMac until 2013 either. Thunderbolt on MacPro is a challenge given it also
Michael Hoefler liked this 8 years ago
FCPX P2 importing failure
by Dan Davis 8 years ago
FCPX 10.0.3 is not importing some P2 clips .... all clips play back fine on the camera and even tried to repair clips it said nothing to repair ..... I go from Import from camera open archive select a
Re: FCPX P2 importing failure
by Michael Hoefler 8 years ago
Dan, are we the only editors running with this problem I posted it in a german user group,too. But no answer yet. Did you find a solution Michael
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