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I'm going NUTS! Trim mode issue
by Michael Gleason 8 months ago
Latest software. Does anyone know how to turn off the feature that turns on trim mode when you hover near an edit point in the timeline It is driving me crazy.
Re: I'm going NUTS! Trim mode issue
by Drew Hutchison 7 months ago
Hey Michael, You can turn off all Smart-tool edits on the left hand side of the timeline. If you turn off the Overwrite and Ripple Trim (the red cylinder and yellow cylinder respectively) you will no
Mirroring Media Composer with Apple TV Airplay over WIFI
by jeff Pereira 7 years ago
Hello, I am using Media Composer 5.5, and would like to use Apple TV Airplay Mirroring so that my HDTV can act as a preview monitor. Airplay mirroring works fine when AVID is NOT running, however when
Re: Mirroring Media Composer with Apple TV Airplay over WIFI
by Michael Gleason 7 years ago
Did anyone figure this out
XDCAM disc export only 4 ch. of audio???
by Michael Gleason 9 years ago
I keep on getting an error message when I export to an XDCAM disc. "Too many audio channels. XDCAM supports only 4 channels..." Is this really the case Only 4 channels of audio on export Thanks.
NITRIS DS shared media question
by Michael Gleason 12 years ago
We are getting two Symphony NITRIS HD systems that will be virtually side-by-side (no ISIS). Is there any way the two systems can share the same media through a shared drive Thanks in advance
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