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Michael Fitzer 9 years ago
I'm attempting to use live, 360 video (shot with six cameras placed side-by-side in the shape of a cube with a 7th camera pointing upward). Will Horizon interpret panoramic video like it does with panoramic stills?

My client wants to place photographic cut outs against moving background footage and have everything rotate in a 3d space.

I'm a DP and not a full-time AE artist so I'm kind of figuring this one out as I go. Any suggestions???
fire and alpha
by Michael Fitzer 11 years ago
Using AE I am attempting to create an animation where I simulate a logo being burned onto wood for a wooden bat manufacturer. I have reversed my logo alpha, allowing the fire layer to be seen through
Re: fire and alpha
by Ronald Lindeboom 11 years ago
Michael Fitzer "Any suggestions " Yes, you are likely to get more answers if you post this question in the After Effects forum. This forum is for questions about the COW site itself or to make sugges
trapcode particular question
by Michael Fitzer 12 years ago
'I'm following Andrew Kramer's "Nano Ad" tutorial (which is quite good by the way) and I'm having trouble with artifacts shining through. Like the falling particles aren't shut off all the way to reve
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