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Copying Path Keyframes Creates New Path Group
by Michael Dodge 1 month ago
As the subject hopefully illustrates, I am trying to animate a shape path to morph the shape. I am trying to copy the keyframes that I made to create the initial morph so that I can reverse the keyfra
Re: Copying Path Keyframes Creates New Path Group
by Cassius Marques 1 month ago
After you copy the keyframes make sure you select the right track to paste by clicking on the "Path" text. If you select the layer the behavior you're experience happens. Cassius Marques www.zapfilmes
CC Cylinder Layer Size Issue
by Michael Dodge 5 months ago
Hello All, Long time lurker, couldn't find a similar thread that was solved with a similar issue at hand so I decided to open this question. I am having an issue with the CC Cylinder effect. I am anim
Re: CC Cylinder Layer Size Issue
by Kalleheikki Kannisto 5 months ago
For the cut-off issue, you can precomp the layer (leaving all attributes) and then adjust the precomp dimensions to be larger. Kalleheikki Kannisto Senior Graphic Designer
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