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Andrew Devis
Michael De Gre 9 years ago
Hi Andrew,

I wonder if you can help :) I have recently upgraded from a 2006 version of Premiere Pro to Premiere Pro CS5 - Everything seems fine during the editing of the footage obtained from my Canon XM2 Pal camera and I simply cannot fault Premiere Pro - Except... When it comes to exporting the project's sequence, the quality of the footage is extremely compromised. I have tried almost every option available in the export codex's without success. Any suggestions? Cheers'.. Mike
Michael De Gre 9 years ago
Hi Andrew :) Well thanks for your invite to be friends - I've only just found out where and how to post this. I take it - we're neighbours. Yours was the first tutorial I found on Creative Cow and my first thoughts were - Now theres a man who knows how to present and deliver a demonstration & tutorial, and that's why I joined the .net... It's a facinating place and has given me a lot of things to think about as well as lots of really helpful information, tips and ideas. Anyways... Thanks and hope to see you around. Regards... Mike
Andrew Devis 9 years ago
Hi Mike, Yes, I think we are about the nearest people to each other in the Cow network in this area. As you can probably tell, many are not UK based as it is a truly world-wide network of creative peo [more]
Michael De Gre 9 years ago
Yeah... 3ds Max is my main interest - it's taken me months of hard work and shear determination to start to get to grips with it - but I love its capabilities and potential for 3D CGI in some of the f [more]
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