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Exporting video to AE
by Joseph Jones 11 years ago
After capturing video in Premiere Pro CS3, what is the proper way to get that footage or a segment of the footage into After Effects CS3 I've been exporting a timeline of the footage I want to use as
Re: Exporting video to AE
by Melissa Garza 11 years ago
Other formats seem to work fine. Thank you for your help.When one door closes another door opens.
An awesome post
by Dan Asselin 11 years ago
Just thought I should let you guys know of an awesome reply I got to a question on the Business and Marketing forum. I had asked for input on basic agreements and Mark Suszko sent me a huge, and very
Re: An awesome post
by Melissa Garza 11 years ago
Hey Dan, I was reading your posts and I am very interested in getting a copy of what you may have. I'm looking to start my own company and I want to be have something to go off of. Being new to this w
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