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Spotlight on QNAP 4.3.5
by Nikos Papadopoulos 1 year ago
Hello everyone from sunny Athens, Apparently QNAP added spotlight support for QTS 4.3.5 (Beta - B20180914). Having some time to setup the office we decided to give it a go. It seems not to be working
Re: Spotlight on QNAP 4.3.5
by Melany Villeneuve 1 year ago
We just saw that Promise Sanlink2 rolled out a Mojave compatible update 2 days ago. We are using this component as well as TB adapters. Maybe it could be the Sanlink2 drivers and now it is resolved wi
Anyone having issues with FCPX and QNAP Firmware
by Matt Wright 2 years ago
Hi All. I am just trying to work out whether my issue is a general bug issue for all QNAP users or is isolated to our set-up. Having recently upgraded our QNAP TVS-1282TS to firmware version
Re: Anyone having issues with FCPX and QNAP Firmware
by Melany Villeneuve 2 years ago
Matt Wright "We just rolled our system back to and this resolved our FCPX issues. " That was it!! It works for us now on Basically, dont go with firmware NOR
QNAP FCP X Slowdown/Beachball Issue via Thunderbolt 3 & SMB 3 (TVS-1282T3)
by Nikos Papadopoulos 2 years ago
Hey everyone from chilly Athens! A problem with thunderbolt 3 and FCP X is driving me nuts and was looking towards your wisdom and experiences to help track this issue down. Connected to the NAS via T
Re: QNAP FCP X - Melany - give me your contact information
by Melany Villeneuve 2 years ago
Thanks Bob!
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