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Flashing / Glowing lights out of text
by Miguel Pra├ža 9 months ago
Hey y'all! First time reaching out, since I usually find the solution in a previously asked question. In this case, however, I'm completely stumped. I'm trying to recreate what someone did for this co
Re: Flashing / Glowing lights out of text
by Blaise Douros 9 months ago
https: watch v=973vErkz9oo
Matti Kaira liked this 9 months ago
What is this effect called?
by John Beckner 9 months ago
I'm wondering what effect is used to make the background behave like it is in this video: I assume it's using Trapcode SoundKeys to make the image react to the music, but i can't find any videos or cl
Re: What is this effect called?
by Matti Kaira 9 months ago
Other answers provided here would probably do the trick, but: One idea would be to have the kind of "net" layer and the image precomped, then add puppet tools pins to some of the intersection points a
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