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AE CS3 crashes using Invig Pro
by Matthew Watkins 13 years ago
Added the latest version of Invig Pro to AE CS3, but trying to use Invig Pro is crashing AE. Either opening a new 3D layer or trying to edit one will cause AE to just shut down. Just went to create a
Re: AE CS3 crashes using Invig Pro
by Matthew Watkins 13 years ago
Yep, I am using 4.3.0 Win downloaded just this week orlate last week. Re-opened AE and was able to finish the one job using text. So the problem is intermittent but frustrating when it happens.
Comment on this specific piece...
by Alexander Gao 14 years ago
Hey Guys, I just made a new whatchamacallit... an intro ( ) for my new production company project. I was hoping you could provide me with some feedback on it. Like it Hate it Think it could be made be
Re: Comment on this specific piece...
by Matthew Watkins 14 years ago
The main thing is change your hosting site. That's really a bother. As far as your opening, I would say it's okay as a way of letting someone know that's who made whatever is coming next. But I would
Feedback Demo REEL
by lalinde77 15 years ago
about to update my DP reel and wondering what others thought (honestly) about the current one i have up and what I can do to improve it (errr, besides add more meaningless stuff) your opinion counts,
Re: Feedback Demo REEL
by Matthew Watkins 15 years ago
I was just about to move on to something else as I was wondering if it was going anywhere and then you snapped me back in when the music changed. So I personally think the intro is a bit long even tho
Handwritten text
by GambitDude 15 years ago
Hi all Please could someone help me on how to make text look like its been written on the screen in AE. From left to right following the path of the text and not just a simple mask that scrolls past.
Re: Handwritten text
by Matthew Watkins 15 years ago
Go to the tutorial section and search for tutorials for After Effects. There is a tutorial by John Dickinson "Handwritten text using AE's Brush Tool". I think this is what you are looking for. It take
WEVA Expo 2005
by Mike Sullivan 15 years ago
I have been doing mostly legal video work for the last 12 years. I would like to get back into doing some different kinds of event video stuff other then weddings. I have never been a WEVA member, nor
Re: WEVA Expo 2005
by Matthew Watkins 15 years ago
Mike, Here's what you get if you go to a WEVA expo. A lot of people that tell you what you have to do to make it in the business, but don't tell you how to do those things in the real world. And a ver
How do I change chapter numbers...all 1 now
by Bryan Wekiva 15 years ago
I imported all of my video clips at one time...not one file at a time. I went through the whole process of creating the DVD and after burning it I noticed that I couldn't skip between chapters on my D
Re: How do I change chapter numbers...all 1 now
by Matthew Watkins 15 years ago
If you have 9 different timelines, then that's exactly what you have. Each timeline is it's own seperate timeline and each starts at chapter 1. You can have the end action of one timeline point to the
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